Welcome to The Dog Den.
We offer: Grooming, Day-Care, U-Bathe and gently used doggy equipment  (all proceeds go to Critteraid).


We are now a CMG (Certified Master Groomer)

The Dog Den is air conditioned and offers your four legged family members a comfortable place to wait while you are shopping, doing wine tours, visiting friends, sunbathing or even going for a romantic luncheon.

We are open from 9 a.m. until the last dog leaves for the day (must be before 6 p.m. as we have 4 legged friends at home waiting for us too).

We also are a full service grooming salon by appointment, but sometimes we can work in a bath or nails without too much notice.

All our Day Care visitors get fresh water, a walk every two hours, toys, friends, treats (with permission of their parents of course) and a safe secure environment.

Day-Care Rates:
Drop off

Small:      $20/day

Medium:  $25/day

Large:     $30/day

 $5/hour for short visits

We offer a licensed Grooming, Day Care and U-Bathing Facility with a Certified Groomer in downtown Summerland:

13109 Victoria N.

(778) 516 - 5660

Grooming is by Appointment, but Day-Care can be same day especially if you need a place for your pets during the heat of the day.

 U-Bathe prices available upon request.

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